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2018 Big Hearts Registration

2018 Big Hearts Registration

Registration is currently closed.

Description of Big Hearts Roles:


  • The Performer role is independent of the contestant role. Performers will have the opportunity to shine in different ways that suit their individual abilities such as, acting, singing, dancing etc. within a small group. 
  • Performers will not be required to have a pageant gown or tuxedo, but are encouraged to wear “nice dress attire” such as a homecoming-style dress for the closing number. Performers will have costume changes throughout the event and are encouraged to label everything!


  • The contestant role is much like a traditional pageant role broken down by age groups. Contestants will each have a celebrity escort for entering and exiting the stage and their own walkout song. Each contestant will have the opportunity to interact with the MC of the show. How you want that interaction to go is up to you and your participant. It is their opportunity to shine!
  • All contestants will need a pageant gown or tuxedo to wear. You can find pageant gowns at Dover Grace and tuxedos at Pernos.

All performers and contestants will:

  • Be a part of the Opening and Closing Number
  • Be a part of the People’s Choice Award
  • Have the opportunity to meet/greet with celebrity escorts
  • Have a moment on stage that will showcase their amazing abilities