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2019 Big Hearts Contestant Registration

2019 Big Hearts Contestant Registration

Contestant Registration Information

Welcome to the 2019 Big Hearts Contestant Registration!

The completion of this registration form signifies that you have entered into a very special partnership with ESP, and TOGETHER we will work to help your child shine on The Classic Center stage.

At this time, all Contestant positions have been filled. You will be added to the waiting list and alerted if space becomes available.

Your child’s spot as a contestant will be finalized AFTER this registration and the next 2 steps have been completed.

Please note: if elements of this form are left blank or have n/a in them it will be considered incomplete.

Your registration includes the following: Dinner backstage, a themed t-shirt, goody bag, professional pictures with celebrity escorts, one to one care during the event, picture and bio in the program, and a one of a kind experience on the Classic Center stage.

Registration Fee of $65 is due by December 31st

Please note: There is limited space available for this special event. Spots are first come first serve for those who have completed all three steps.

ESP Participant Information

This section is REQUIRED! Registrations submitted without the following information will be considered incomplete.

Please write a 4-5 sentence bio (approximately 75 words in length) using this format: This is (child's name) daughter of (parent's names). She goes to or graduated from (school name) and is (age) years old. She (one sentence about your child.)

This bio will be printed EXACTLY as it appears here. Please note: If you do not fill out this section your child will not be included in the pageant program.

As a contestant your child will have a moment on stage to show off their abilities. Oftentimes participants will do things like: answer questions, dance, sing, play an instrument, tell jokes, or do sports related stunts like catching/throwing a football etc.

Contestant usually need additional support for their moment on stage. This support oftentimes includes special music, specific props like a guitar or microphone etc.

Pageant Program Picture Picture submission due DECEMBER 31st

Each participant will need 4 photos (jpg png). Please note: screenshots will appear blurry, so please save the photo directly to your computer for easier uploading.

While you may recognize your child, others may not. Please submit headshots with the only focus of the photo on your child.

If you have a photo ready and would like to upload it now - you can do that! It would replace you having to email us the pictures.

Parent Contact Information

Acknowledgement of Roles & Responsibilities



As a contestant at Big Hearts, your child will have a key role in providing the ‘ah-ha’ moment for our community members; the moment when they understand the term ‘individuals of all abilities’! Big Hearts is so much more than a fundraising event; it’s also about advocacy and inclusion. It helps us create a more open and understanding community for all.

Contestants will each have a celebrity escort for entering and exiting the stage and their own walkout song. Each contestant will have a moment on stage to show off their abilities. How you and your child want that moment to go or to look  is up to you.

Contestants are expected to:

  • Practice at home at least once a day. Repetition is key. Repetition helps to build your child’s comfortability which helps their boost their confidence on stage. 
    • It also helps ESP avoid those awkward moments when a participant in Big Hearts wants to change what they are doing right before walking out on the classic center stage
  • Attend all scheduled practices.

    • We both (you and ESP) want to see your child shine on stage, and we achieve that through group practices. Group practices not only prepare your child to be on stage, they also help cultivate that relationship between your child and their buddy.

    • Please note: ESP cannot guarantee that we, as a partner, did everything we could to set your child up to succeed if your child doesn’t attend practices.

Parents of Contestants are expected to:

  • Complete this registration and the next 2 steps to secure your child’s spot for Big Hearts

  • Attend the mandatory Big Hearts Parent meeting Nov. 5th, 5pm, at the ESP building in Watkinsville.

  • Secure a tuxedo or pageant style gown. (Resources and business will be sent out after registration is complete)

  • Submit Four headshots of your child (with no one else in the frame) by December 31st

  • Create a People’s Choice page

  • Submit a 3-4 sentence Bio of your child using the correct format. (approximately 75 words)


    • Ticket Reminder: We want you and your family to enjoy the performance your participant has spent months preparing for. Tickets for Big Hearts will go on sale Friday, November 9. Please plan to purchase your tickets early! ESP WILL NOT HAVE ANY RESERVED TICKETS FOR FAMILIES. Additionally, if you will not be able to use all of your purchased tickets, please try to fill those seats as soon as possible. We want our Big Hearts performers to look out on a FULL audience.

Mandatory Practices Dates: 
Being a part of the Big Hearts Pageant requires commitment to several mandatory practices prior to the event. Please see all practice dates below:

  • Big Hearts Boot Camp Week #1: Jan. 7th-11th from 4-7pm
  • Big Hearts Bootcamp Week #2: Feb. 4th-7th from 4-7pm

People's Choice:
This is your direct opportunity to engage your community in fundraising for ESP. Each Big Hearts participant must create a People's Choice page. We strongly encouraged families to fundraise but it is not required.