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Big Jump 2020 Registration

Big Jump 2020 Registration

2020 Big Jump Registration

Skydive Monroe has strict weight policies - you will not be able to jump if you exceed the limits. This information is solely for the purpose of skydiving and is needed to qualify you to dive. You will be alerted within a week of registration if you exceed Skydive Monroe's limits.

The weight limit is 170 lb for women and 225 lb for men.

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About Big Jump 2020

Big Jump is a day-long event that raises funds for ESP summer camp. It begins at 10am with the first jump and runs until 6pm. Our jumpers spend the months leading up to the festival raising a minimum of $600. Then at the completion of their fundraising, they celebrate with skydiving. We bring together food, fun, and entertainment to create a festive environment for watching our jumpers make their descent.
At the end of this registration page, you will be redirected to create your fundraising page! You won't be officially registered until your fundraising page is created.170 for women and 225 for men.